Treatments we offer

Shea Medical offers many of the most valued and important treatments found in homeopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine, orthomolecular medicine, oxidative medicine, anti-aging medicine, integrative medicine, alternative medicine as well as conventional medicine. When it comes to providing all the best research-based treatments, we provide them here at Shea Medical. All of our treatments are customized for each individual patient through detailed process of testing and medical intake. If you have any questions and would like learn more about your options, please contact us at 480-657-7000 or fill out the form in the sidebar.

Specialized Diagnostic Testing and Screening

At Shea Medical, our physicians utilize the most detailed and advanced customized forms of testing for our patients. We go above and beyond the basic laboratory tests ordered by most doctors to include in-depth, state-of-the-art testing methods for our patients. Via thorough diagnosis and testing, it ensures our patients have the best chance to reach optimal health.

POMT™ Non-Steroidal Pain Relief Treatment

Our non-steroidal injection addresses all areas of inflammation and pain related to muscles, ligaments, nerve tissue and joints without the possibility of harmful side effects from steroids. Additionally, our treatment breaks down old scar tissue and triggers the release of stem cells from your own body to rebuild and heal the affected region. The treatment also helps to remove the metabolic waste in scar tissue and inflamed areas. POMT™ also involves a unique osteopathic medical technique that itilizes "real in motion pain release". Click to learn more.

German Autohemotherapy Treatment

Autohemotherapy has been widely practiced throughout Europe for almost 60 years. Its benefits may include the rebalancing of the immune system, oxygenation of tissue to injured sites, an increased release of the body's own stem cells, decrease of inflammation and an overall decrease in the time it takes for the body to heal.

Blood is taken from the arm, exposed to ozone gas and then returned to the body in specific regions. At Shea Medical, this therapy may be included as part of a treatment plan for various conditions including autoimmune diseases and to target regions of chronic pain. Patients can notice the benefits almost immediately. (Learn more about how oxygen’s relationship to pain)

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Treatment

Hormone levels naturally decline for several reasons: diseases, genetic issues, deficiencies, stress and the aging process itself. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT) is structurally identical to the body's natural hormones, allowing your body to recognize and metabolize the hormones more naturally.

Unlike synthetic versions of hormones, BHRT is gentler and is not associated with all same risks of strokes, heart attack and cancer as seen with the synthetic hormones in women. In addition, men run the risk of their testosterone converting back to harmful estrogens and causing breast weeping, tenderness and increased prostate cancer risks. We use a detailed approach to balance all hormones, including thyroid, adrenal and other hormones.

Biological Detoxification Treatment Process

Detoxification represents a critical procedure of strengthening and encouraging the organs and cellular process via elimination of harmful waste. Patients with high levels of unwanted metabolic waste, harmful chemicals, neurotoxins, emotional stress and heavy metal toxins cannot remove these toxic byproducts on their own. Unfortunately, detoxification as a whole has been long ignored by the conventional healthcare system, with the mistaken assumption that the human body can remove many of these foreign products all on its own.

Toxins Connected To Illness and Quality of Life

Today, harmful toxins are at an all-time high while we are continually exposed via the air we breathe, our food, water, medications, drugs, and emotional stress. This makes patients very ill; at the very least, they experience a decrease in the quality of life. Many of these toxins participate in the development of epigenetic changes or mutations, chronic diseases, oxidative damage, accelerated aging and cancer.

Biological Detoxification is medically necessary to assist patients in a detailed removal of the harmful agents that they cannot remove on their own purely through diet and exercise. In addition, patients that have infections such as Lyme disease and other coinfections have an increased amount of neurotoxins that impede nerve function, memory, hormonal and digestive health.

Benefits of Biological Detoxification Treatment Programs

At Shea Medical, we use one the finest targeted detoxification methods that include: homeopathic drainage, oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and emotional stress release, all led by one of the country's best practitioners. Since a body full of toxins cannot function optimally, when we remove toxins, chemicals, heavy metals and neurotoxins to include the release of emotional stress, our patient's notice vast improvements. These benefits include strengthened immunity; better breathing; less pain; improved liver, digestive, kidney, lymphatic and circulatory health; mental clarity and increased energy, with an overall sense of heightened vitality.

Blood Ozone Treatment (Hemato-Oxygen Therapy)

Ozone therapy with blood irradiation via UV light is one of the best oxidative therapies to date. Blood Ozone Treatment provides antibacterial, viral and fungal properties. Blood is removed from the patient's body based on their body weight and it is then screened through ultraviolet light. Next, the correct gamma concentration of ozone is added to the blood. The blood will typically turn from a dark color to an oxygenated, bright red color. The ozonized blood is then reintroduced back into the patient's bloodstream. Blood Ozone Treatment is both a safe and powerful therapy that has been used throughout Germany for over 40 years. It begins to send a cascade of messengers throughout the blood stream and bone marrow signaling for the body to start carrying more oxygen.

The Benefits of Ozone Blood Treatment

Ozone therapy improves immunity via IL-2, IL-6 cytokines, improving the body's ability to carry oxygen. One of the most important factors is that it increases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Ozone therapy can also help improve overall blood circulation and bring about vasodilation to important vessels. Ozone Blood Treatment is very important for diabetics with neuropathy, as well as patients with cardiovascular issues.

Delivering oxygenated blood to underserved areas of the body brings about a strong healing process for patients. It also improves enzymatic pathways of detoxification that may enhance liver function as well. Ozone Blood Treatment singlehandedly alkalizes the blood faster than any other integrative treatment, as it is 24 times more powerful in oxygenating the body than a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Chelation Therapy and Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chelation therapy is a process used to help patients remove heavy metal toxins that are found in the blood, brain and connective tissues of patients. These accumulated toxins can both contribute to and cause cancer, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disease and other chronic diseases. The most important part of this process involves proper testing and a detailed analysis.

There are various intravenous chelation methods for mercury, copper, lead and other toxic heavy metals, but chelation can also be used to remove heavy metal metabolites that may impact various infectious agents related to cardiovascular diseases. The best possible combination of chelation agents depends heavily on extensive testing. The type of chelation used is intravenously delivered in order to help remove the specific elevated levels of heavy metal. Heavy metals act as a catalyst, promoting massive oxidative stress and damage in the body. Reducing the overall burden of these metals allows the body to heal much more rapidly and the immune system to respond far more completely.

Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Treatments

Anti-aging medicine really refer to treatments that encourage rejuvenating of the body, not a mythical Fountain of Youth. By providing a complete rejuvenation treatment process, the patient is able to reach optimal health. The treatments we offer may include nutritional supplements, hormone therapy or intravenous treatments.

Depending on a person's risk factors and family history, we use a complete scientific analysis of hormones, nutritional deficiencies and genetic testing to customize a plan for each patient. Typically, patients notice a vast increase in their quality of life, including more energy and stamina, better sleep, less pain, better mobility, improvements in skin condition, and many times, a decrease in many other uncomfortable health issues. You won't believe how great your body can feel once your body is properly balanced.

Classical Homeopathy

Founded upon the principle that "like cures like" by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the early 19th century, homeopathy works to promote optimal health for the entire individual on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathic remedies stimulate and promote the organ functions, cellular functions and the overall healing process. At Shea Medical, our physician may use homeopathic medicines and remedies as part of your treatment plan.

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy

With this therapy, high doses of intravenous vitamin C are infused directly into the bloodstream at the correct therapeutic dosages. Medical research has demonstrated that vitamin C not only enhances the immune system, but improves organ function, speeds healing and even acts as a detoxification agent. Our physicians use high-dose vitamin C routinely as part of a patient's individualized treatment program.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Research has shown that when hormone levels are unbalanced, patients lack both health and energy. A comprehensive hormone panel will then be ordered and an individualized hormone prescription will be made to regain balance. Our doctors are experts in the field of bioidentical hormones.

Intravenous Therapies

Many of the therapies offered at Shea Medical are given intravenously. We choose to perform them in such a way so to ensure that they bypass the digestive system and the highest bioavailable absorption is attained. Medicines that are given intravenously are also able to be given in the correct therapeutic dosages that would otherwise be impossible while ingesting orally. Patients can expect to notice the health benefits rather quickly with intravenous treatments.

Neural Therapy, Trigger Point injections and Scar Therapy

Neural therapy, trigger point,and scar therapy injections are uniquely tailored and prepared for each patient with the inclusion of homeopathic and oxygen generating formulas. Muscles, scars and tissue can be blocked with pain and or the inability to conduct various functions found in healthy patients. Our treatment aims to unblock those regions so that our patients can reach optimal health and healing with precise injections to local areas in order to unblock the pain and eliminate the regions of inflammation and disruption to the body.

Nutritional Supplementation Programs

Nutritional Supplements at Shea Medical are available only via prescription by our doctors. This means that they are available to patients only if they are prescribed as part of their comprehensive treatment plans. Supplements that we offer are much stronger and of higher quality than those found in health food stores. Our physician-grade supplements are for therapeutic purposes and are customized for each patient. Our formulas are created in such a way to provide correct dosages, specific combinations and given in the best bioavailable oral doses.

Personalized Executive Wellness Programs

The Shea Medical team can create a highly personalized wellness program for you to stay healthy or receive better treatment options for the following: chronic disease, cancer, heart disease, thyroid and hormonal balancing, anti-aging, chronic pain and disease prevention. We are the integrative medicine experts; optimal health is our goal for every single patient. We will work with you to help you accomplish your health goals, whatever they may be. We will also help you slowly make the powerful transitions necessary to help you achieve a long life of optimal health. With Shea Medical, great health solutions are just one call away.

Prolotherapy and Prolozone for Pain

Prolotherapy is one of Shea Medical’s most powerful natural treatment options for those suffering from the symptoms of chronic pain. By injecting the injured joint, ligament or tendon with a natural substance, the body's repair mechanism is stimulated and the damaged tissue can be healed. At Shea Medical, our prolotherapy is performed by one of the nation's best physicians for pain. The treatment effectively reduces the symptoms of chronic pain. In fact, many patients experience significant pain relief with just the first treatment.

Pharmacological Pain Treatment

The overall goal of pain management is to achieve optimal comfort and function with minimal side effects. Medications are often the first and most important step in the management of pain simply because they are effective and relatively low risk with immediate response. We provide the appropriate detailed care and medication combinations to helping our patients overcome their pain. In addition, we can provide other innovative and direct treatment options to help patients get even more relief.

Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone replacement can be very beneficial when men and women have lower laboratory levels. When testosterone goes uncorrected in patients, it is associated with symptoms of andopause (male menopause), fatigue, low libido, erectile dysfunction, poor memory, lower energy, depressed mood and increased risk factors for cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Studies suggest that testosterone has been shown to be more beneficial for depression than the use of anti-depressant medications. Testosterone replacement has been shown to dramatically decrease the risk of heart attacks by an estimated 30%. Testosterone should be in the upper normal range rather than being in the low normal range for optimal health in both men and women. Woman can experience healthy energy and libido with testosterone replacement.

We encourage you to call or stop by to learn how we can help you or a loved one reach optimal health. For answers to your questions or to make an appointment, call us toll-free today at 480-657-7000 to speak with a Patient Care Coordinator. Let us help you get your life back!