Leonard Brogdon: Pancreatic Cancer

When my husband was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer in March, 2013 at the age of 67, our lives were forever changed. We were devastated when the doctor at first told us that the tumor was operable, only to find out later that it was not.

That is when I found the book by Ty Bollinger "Cancer: Step Outside The Box." In his book, he had a reference to cancer clinics in the United States and Mexico that he recommended. My daughter began the research on the clinics in Arizona, as that is our home state. Prior to our finding Shea Medical, we had been bombarded with numerous alternatives. The traditional medical community offered large doses of chemotherapy with only a 20% chance of reducing the tumor size, which was a grim prognosis for extending the quality and length of his life.

We believe that we were Divinely led to Shea Medical and Dr. Charlie Schwengel. My daughter spoke to the Patient Care Coordinator, Dana VanHoose and a meeting was set up for us to see the clinic, meet the doctor and the staff. That meeting changed our lives, turning our desperation to hope. Finally, after being overwhelmed with so many "cancer cures" that are out there, we immediately felt the peace that we were in the right place.

Lenny began an eight-week program using the protocol that was recommended for his type of cancer. From the beginning of our journey with Shea Medical, we felt loved, cared for and comfortable in the atmosphere. Unlike a hospital setting or a doctor's office setting, this clinic was warm and inviting and the staff was wonderful in making us feel like we were their only patients. The quality of the care, the expertise and knowledge that they have is truly amazing. Finally, we were given hope and a roadmap to recovery.

Lenny's tumor marker was reduced by more than half in a few short weeks, and is continuing to decrease at a phenomenal rate with the treatment that Shea Medical provides. He is feeling much better now. We can't say enough praise to describe our experience with Shea Medical and every one of the staff members. We know that God answered our prayers and all the prayers across the country in leading us to them. God bless all of you at Shea, and keep making a difference in the lives of so many people.