Karen's Story

Many thanks to Shea Medical,

After years of immune system issues manifesting in strange and often extremely painful ways, I requested a Lyme test from my doctor. I found Shea Medical during an online search and was able to discuss my test results with the professionals at Shea who specialize in Lyme disease treatment.

After hearing my tests were typical for chronic Lyme, I debated taking leave from work to get treated. Before I had made a decision, it was made for me – I was hospitalized with kidney and intestinal struggles. After having a hysterectomy and my gall bladder removed, I knew I couldn't afford to lose any more of my organs.

Two weeks after I checked out of the hospital I drove to Arizona and met with the Shea Medical staff for a complete workup and treatment plan. During my 8 weeks of treatment, I experienced some amazing results that allowed me to be more positive about my situation, and gave short-term relief to many of my symptoms.

Unfortunately, the road to Lyme recovery is not pain-free, but I have hope that I am now on the road to recovery and see the benefits of the treatments I received. I know my healing is in God's hands and I know He led me to Shea Medical to start me on this path. Thank you Shea, you will always be family to me!


Karen L. Gregory
Omaha, NE