Why Our Integrative Medicine is important

One of the only family practices in the valley offering truly integrative medicine, at Shea Medical we believe that every individual deserves the best healthy alternatives combined with the best conventional treatments. Our approach includes evidence and research-based natural strategies that make a difference for the patient. Our state-of-the-art medicine truly enhances and complements our conventional care. We emphasize positive aspects of improving pain relief, overcoming chronic disease, better cancer treatment and overall optimal health for our patients. We put more quality life in the years of our patients by using the best combinations of treatments available.

Everybody is an Individual

Everyone is unique, thus oftentimes people with the same medical diagnosis require different treatment approaches. Our comprehensive medical model addresses all aspects of healing in our patient: physical, mental and emotional. We build treatment plans that provide state-of-the-art treatments using the optimal combinations in conventional medicine and integrative medicine from around the world, personalized to help you. Our individual approach means better overall care and results for you. We treat you as a person, not just a group of symptoms.

Successful Health with Integrative Medicine

We help our patients reach healthy vitality and overcome chronic pain and chronic diseases, Lyme disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease. We use a complete scientific approach along with specialized testing and detailed integrative care for our patients. Our recipe for success is all about helping our patients reach balance in their overall health.