Family Medicine

Shea Medical engages medical professionals dedicated to providing comprehensive family practice and integrative medicine to improve the health of our patients.

Our center is one of Scottsdale's finest family practices with over 12 years of serving our community. We feel that comprehensive care of the patient is of utmost importance. At Shea Medical, we seamlessly blend the technical expertise of our staff with the excellent treatment options we offer and tailor each program to the patient's individual needs.

Shea Medical offers a full range of detailed services including family medicine, chronic pain relief, integrative cancer treatment, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease and comprehensive cardiovascular disease treatment. Let us help you achieve overall better health.

Experience Excellent Health at Shea Medical!

Our goal is to provide parents the best care for their growing families. Many of the health problems we see in children today involve weak immune systems and high allergy sensitivities. With our state of the art practices, we bring a 21st Century sensibility to our healthcare services.

Our programs help kids to naturally improve their immune system function so they don't have to catch a cold or flu each and every season. In addition, it involves using natural approaches to decreasing allergies sensitivities that often impact the child's mood, energy levels and digestive health.

Superior Immunity For Your Children

It is important to help your kids establish healthy immune systems and develop a healthy habits early that will serve them well in the future. Decreasing toxins, allergens and other factors will go a long way towards helping kids improve their health. We provide the help and guidance that parents need to give their kids a great advantage by establishing excellent health at a young age. Healthy immunity in kids begins with having great intestinal health and immunity – this involves strengthening the child's digestive health.

Great Moods for Growing Kids

Food, air and other allergies sensitivities can greatly impact a child's mood and attention span. Today, we have much more diagnoses of behavioral problems than ever before. However, we find that by helping the child to naturally rebalance their nervous system, their bodies will return to its natural, healthy state without the need of prescriptive medications.

Allergies and Asthma Sensitivity Relief

Allergies often make patients feel tired and fatigued and overall increase their risk of getting infections. Sneezing, coughing and a constant runny nose is something that both adults and kids suffer with. However, most patients are only aware of skin testing for allergies or food testing for delayed allergic reactions.

At Shea Medical, we go way beyond that to provide full Allergy Sensitivity Relief. We help neutralize allergy sensitivity without using medications. Patients will find relief quickly and learn how to sustain it in the future as well.

Adult Medicine with Anti-Aging

As a person gets older, risk increases for heart attacks, stroke, cancer and neurological issues, not to mention sexual function, fatigue, pain problems, injuries due to falls and memory difficulties. The problem with only using a conventional approach is that the patient never actually reverses, slows down, or even truly prevents health issues from occurring.

We believe in aggressive prevention, great pain control and high levels of energy. We work to help our patients reduce the need for medication, while increasing the important agents to bring forward longevity and health. A long, healthy life is the cornerstone of our approach. It involves great personalized care and a high level of integrative medicine. Mental health is vitally important to helping a patient grow old gracefully. We help patients to retain an excellent memory and maintain overall mood using advanced natural and alternatives treatments.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our unique treatments at Shea Medical, please contact us today.