Shea Medical's Unique Approach to Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease patients suffer from what we have seen as a consistent problem with an incomplete diagnosis by a previous medical doctor. People that have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and various autoimmune diseases, usually lack a full diagnosis.

All of these conditions are diagnosed mainly on symptoms or basic antigen antibodies. These basic tests run by standard medical groups are really only the first step to wellness. However, the important question to ask is just what is causing all of these groups of symptoms that are related to the diagnosis? In other words, what is the root cause of your illness? Throughout the span of the last decade, we been able to find those causes and effectively treat our patients.

How We Approach Chronic Disease Differently at Shea Medical

At Shea Medical, we provide customized in-depth testing to find the deeper causes of a condition and effectively eliminate them in order to return patients back to health. It is common practice in conventional medical centers that autoimmune diseases are treated by steroids and inflammatory medications. This process acts as a Band-Aid to simply improve upon the symptoms rather than the cause, but the medication actually weakens the patient's immune system and allows their level of health to deteriorate over time.

Fibromyalgia is diagnosed by a set of generalized groups of symptoms. Not too long ago, fibromyalgia patients were sent to a psychiatrist as the main course of treatment. But if we take a deeper look at fibromyalgia patients, they all have a vastly different set of detailed symptoms from patient to patient when examined and tested properly. This is an important distinguishing clue that fibromyalgia patients really have different underlying health problems that are causing the physical and mental problems.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, in many ways, has similar problems. Patients are, essentially, given up on by their conventional doctors because of the poor general diagnosis and a lack of treatment options. Patients cannot effectively be treated in this manner. This also true of Gulf War Syndrome, as these patients lack the proper diagnosis and treatment plan and suffer as a result.

What we have discovered in over a decade of work is an exciting breakthrough for patients that suffer with chronic disease. Detailed below is how we treat these conditions effectively at Shea Medical.

Breakthrough for Chronic Disease Patients

Through deeper testing, we find a series of medical complications in each patient including chemical toxicities, heavy metal toxins, numerous chronic infections to include Lyme disease complex and its coinfections, and an overall weakened immune system with nutritional deficiencies.

These complications impact the patient's physical and mental health. What we have discovered is that each patient is different, and if you want to resolve the chronic disease, you need to address all areas with proper testing in order to get a detailed diagnosis and correct treatment combinations.

Patients really face the problem of receiving either an incomplete diagnosis by the conventional model or a non-comprehensive treatment plan by the alternative model. When treating our patients, we use tailored, integrative intravenous programs with proprietary treatments to help our patients heal. You can be well and we have the tools and experience to help you!

Three Main Reasons Shea Medical Can Help Your Chronic Disease

Shea Medical is fully-equipped to help you overcome chronic disease:

  1. We have the expertise of our medical staff to provide for you the best care possible.
  2. We understand the testing and treatment plans needed for you to get well.
  3. We provide the proprietary treatments that really work in a targeted manner to address all of the medical problems to your chronic diseases.

If you have any questions, please contact us today. We are here to help you with your chronic disease treatment options!