Advanced Integrative Cancer Treatments That Matter

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with cancer? Do you feel like you have been limited by the options given to you? At Shea Medical, it is our mission to provide our patients with the best research-based integrative cancer treatment options (both conventional and alternative) from around the world. Utilizing the finest customized treatment plan will help you establish the road to healing from cancer and we are here to provide superior options for you.

Integrative Cancer Treatment at Shea Medical

As an integrative cancer treatment center, we are proud to offer you powerful combinations of integrative intravenous cancer treatments in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona. We can help you fight cancer as well as the side effects of any past or current conventional cancer treatments. The Shea Medical focus is to help bring natural healing to the body with balance, making it stronger and healthier than it was ever before.

In contrast, the conventional model of cancer treatment is centered singularly on treating the tumor and the symptoms of cancer, but not the cause or causes of it. At Shea Medical, we not only target the tumor and the symptoms more effectively than the conventional methodology, we are devoted to finding the real underlining cause. We find that our approach is essential to providing our patient the best results possible.

Welcome to Shea Medical Cancer Treatment Program

Shea Medical has assembled over 20 years of combined expertise in advanced integrative cancer treatments in order to help our patients get well above and beyond the conventional route. We believe in using a complete holistic approach to healing for our patients. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you. Below, you can learn more about the options we offer.

We compare both our treatments and results to the most common and latest pain treatment methods currently being used around the world. In addition, we also provide a complete list of conditions we treat for chronic pain and how our treatment may help you.

Who We Can Help With Our Integrative Cancer Treatment

  1. Patients that are currently using conventional chemotherapy, surgery or radiation to improve results and decrease side effects.
  2. To restore, repair and bring healing for patients after the use of conventional treatment. Including chemo-brain issues.
  3. Those who need important alternatives to conventional treatment, especially when conventional treatment is no longer an option for patients.

Our Cancer Treatment Goals

  1. Stopping cancer growth and metastases immediately while killing the tumors directly until we have achieved complete remission via imaging and testing.
  2. Restore the body's ability to fight cancer naturally. This is accomplished by treating the cause rather than symptoms, through detox and establishing healthy immunity and cellular health throughout the body.
  3. Preserving cancer remission long-term.

An Overview of How We Treat Cancer

We have divided our cancer treatment overview into several major sections:

  1. Insulin potentiation chemotherapy (targeting the tumor).
  2. Intravenous nutrition and immunotherapy (stopping spread and metastasis, creating an environment unfavorable for cancer growth).
  3. Homeopathic biological detoxification and stress release (removing toxins and the deeper causes of cancer)
  4. We customize our treatment for each individual in a very personalized manner to help them achieve overall healing and restoration of health.

Part 1: Target the Tumors Via Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy

Healing Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy

Insulin Potentiation Therapy is used in combination with tumor sensitivity testing to help our cancer patients while chemotherapy is utilized. It is a low-dose and targeted form of chemotherapy that provides many more benefits than conventional treatment. With an average of 85% less chemotherapy, we see little to none of the side effects typically found within conventional chemotherapy, yet with better overall results.

The main advantage to insulin potentiation treatment is that by using insulin we open up the cellular membrane of cancer cells allowing chemotherapy to penetrate deep into cancer cells, into difficult to reach metastatic areas and sites including the brain, central nervous system, bones and liver. We use tumor sensitivity testing that allows for the best chemotherapy selection based on the particular genetics of your cancer. This treatment really provides a major advantage for our patients.

3 Major Benefits to Insulin Potentiation Therapy

  1. The drugs are targeted specifically to the cancer cells. This allows for very deep and more complete penetration of the medications. This is in contrast to "bathing" and over-saturating the entire body with chemotherapy drugs in hopes of killing the tumor cells.
  2. The person does not experience many of the side-effects associated with standard chemotherapy such as: hair loss, nausea and vomiting, weakness, fatigue or a loss of the immune system's ability to protect against other infections. One's quality of life is preserved when using Insulin Potentiation Therapy.
  3. It allows for incorporation of powerful nutrition to bring healing to patients by building a strong immune system alongside treatment. Patients can participate fully in their recovery, incorporating nutrition, energy and mind-body medicine into their lives for the benefit of their physical and emotional well-being.

Understanding Tumor Sensitivity Testing and Targeting

The detailed and specific characteristics of each person's tumor are unique. This information is vitally important to treatment. Unfortunately, the current medical standard of care is to use similar medications for everyone with the same type and stage of cancer diagnosis. By ignoring these genetic codes, it does not allow for individual treatment based on variations that exist in each person's genetic make-up for their cancer. The genetic code is important because the DNA for each tumor is different and that impacts treatment. This information has shown scientifically to improve treatment options.

Part 2: Stop Metastasis via Intravenous Immunotherapy and Nutrition

The Immune System to Fight Cancer

The immune system is a critical factor to cancer treatment, yet it is virtually ignored by conventional oncologists. Natural Killer Cells (NK cells) are an essential part of the immune system they seek out and destroy cancer cells directly and most importantly metastatic cells. Also, dendritic cells pick up the antigens on the surface of cancer cells and pass the information onto the natural killer cells as one method to seek and destroy the cancer cells. Most importantly, the immune system, when operating correctly, fights metastases. Remember, 90% of cancer patients die due to metastatic spread.

Immune System: An Important Prognosis to Cancer

Studies have demonstrated that a weak immune system cannot fight cancer properly. Furthermore, a weak immune system is a horrible prognosis factor that almost always produces poor outcomes for patients, regardless of the treatment method or plan selected: conventional or alternative. The compromised immune state in patients is also a main contributor to the spread and uncontrolled growth of cancer.

Customized immunotherapy is provided to help our patients build a strong and targeted immune system able to fight cancer, which is an essential part of cancer treatment success.

Nutrition to Fight Cancer

Nutrition for cancer patients is ignored in the conventional model of medicine. In fact, many oncologists tell their cancer patients to stay away from proper nutrition while undergoing cancer treatment. With poor nutrition, the body functions poorly and thus establishes an environment that actually allows cancer to continue to spread.

In addition, cancer patients have much higher demands for nutrients, vitamins, minerals and certain amino acids than most people do. When those deficiencies are corrected, the patients begin to experience better health, improved quality of life, energy and healing. Our patients don't look or feel like cancer patients and that is because of our customized intravenous nutritional formulas. Our patients have normal skin complexions as well as energy.

Nutritional Deficiencies Are Higher In Cancer Patients

Nutritional demand after chemotherapy and radiation are also dramatically increased, therefore it is important to deliver nutrients quickly and in the highest bio-available method intravenously. These nutrients and nutritional components are essential to supporting all the vital and normal pathways in the body. Nutrients are very much the building blocks for the body.

Imagine the great demands of the body without the nutritional components in place to allow for reparations. Unfortunately, this is what we most commonly see in a cancer patient when they first walk through our doors. It has been well documented that intravenous nutrients at therapeutic doses will help to fight cancer and prevent the wasting of muscle that occurs in advanced cancers.

Several key nutrients, including selenium, germanium, vitamin C, vitamin D, as well as various amino acids ratios have been shown to prevent and fight cancers. With today's depleted foods that are depleted in minerals and lack the correct enzymatic activity, intravenous nutrition is extremely important.

Correcting the Cellular Oxygen Metabolism in Cancer

Dr. Warburg won the noble prize in medicine for discovering that cancer, in part, is caused by the disruption in cellular oxygen metabolism. The mitochondria of the cell produce energy via the use of oxygen. However, cancer cells have dysfunctional mitochondria or mutated mitochondria, therefore cancer cells derive their energy from a less efficient glucose metabolism. In fact, this is why cancer cells use sugar to grow and why cancer cells have more insulin receptor sites than normal cells. Cancer cells thrive from utilizing sugar as a source of energy.

Cancer Cells Hate Oxygen for a Reason

The mitochondria can become mutated due to epigenetic changes, such as neurotoxins from infection or other carcinogenic toxins. When mutations occur, the mitochondria can stop performing its basic functions. Two main jobs of the mitochondria are to first produce high levels of energy for the body. Second, they police or stop the uncontrolled growth of cells known as apoptosis, also known as "programmed cell death."

Cancer is therefore strongly correlated to this disruption in cellular oxygen metabolism. In fact, this lack of oxygen even triggers the metastasis of cancer through sending messengers such as HIF-alpha to grow and increase its blood supply to the tumor and further allow cancer to spread in a process called angiogenesis. Therefore, an important key to cancer treatment is correcting this imbalance in oxygen metabolism by supporting mitochondrial health.

At Shea Medical our cancer treatments provide a detailed focus on correcting oxygen metabolism problems within patients. Lesser amounts of oxygen also lead to more carbon dioxide concentrations and that directly causes an overall lower pH level thus making the patient's body more acidic, which is highly common in cancer patients. With improper oxygen metabolism, cancer becomes very difficult to treat and it is much more likely to return or to continue growing and spreading.

Inflammation Needs to be Treated

Numerous factors that we have mentioned previously, cause inflammation. All these factors need to be addressed properly. When inflammation is calmed and cellular signaling involved with inflammation is calmed, it therefore removes the inflammatory risk factors related to cancer. However, it is important to note that inflammation for cancer patients is an indication of a much deeper problem ranging from infections, toxins and even injury to tissues. These occurring problems are all addressed as part of our treatment process.

What Causes Cancer and How Do We Treat It

Cancers are mainly caused infections, chemical toxins, emotional stress and genetic changes brought on by any number of these factors. Treating the causes of cancer is what we do best. Unique testing and detailed intakes allow us to pinpoint these individual factors and treat them accordingly in order to bring the body back to balance.

JAMA reported that over 33% of cancer is due to infectious causes, but it is important to note that we are only aware of a staggering 13% of infections throughout the world. Treating chronic bacterial, viral and fungal infections as well as detoxifying the body of harmful chemicals and heavy metals is essential to helping patients become cancer free.

Part 3: Homeopathic Biological Detoxification and Stress Release

Detoxification Pathways Opened for Healing

Various detoxification pathways are blocked and overloaded in cancer patients. The main areas of elimination include the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, lungs, skin and lymphatic system are of critical importance. Specialized testing is conducted and homeopathic biological drainage is used as well as mechanical lymph drainage to help release the toxics from deep intra-cellular and extra-cellular regions.

Hyperthermia is also used to increase heat in order to potentiate other therapies, but also facilitates the elimination of waste. The accumulation of these carcinogens can lead to free-damage, epigenetic changes to the DNA, and mitochondria resulting in the continuation of cancer. In addition, when tumors and cancer cells die off during our treatments, we focus on powerful elimination in order to avoid tumor lysis syndrome that can occur from the accumulation of toxic waste products of the tumor.

Our Homeopathic Drainage

Homeopathic medicines have the ability to reach deep within our cells and stimulate the release of harmful toxins and other cancer-causing agents. They can also guide the healing process in such a way that reminds the body what a normal, healthy, functioning organ system and cell of the body should be. Homeopathic medicines are safe and have zero side-effects. We use a very specialized form of testing and utilize unique European homeopathic remedies.

Stress Release and the Mind Body Medicine Connection

After many years of working with patients, we have noticed that a positive mental attitude and outlook has proven to be essential within the healing process. Typically, patients have difficulty recognizing the amount of stress within their bodies, let alone do they understand how to relieve that stress. Both mental and emotional stress weakens us as a whole because the human body is an integrated whole made up of the mind, body and spirit.

Many patients have suppressed toxic emotions and feelings that lead to an imbalance that ultimately contributes to the blocking of their healing process. Our modern world includes many stressors and many times these areas can include work, family, relationships and financial, as well as internal conflicts within us.

Identifying and releasing stressors clears the way for the body to heal and move forward. When the mind is healthy, the body often follows suit. We use a simple but specialized gentle stress release technique that also incorporates proper nutrition, neurotransmitter balancing of the brain, nerve balancing to help ensure that our patients get well and stay well.

Patients Will Typically Experience:

  • Boosted vitality and stamina
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Relief in pain
  • Keep a positive mental attitude improves the entire treatment process
  • Keep themselves healthy and balanced