About us

Shea Medical is an advanced integrative medical health care facility offering evidence-based and research-proven treatments for all types of medical conditions. Our mission is to bring healing to our patients by bridging the gap between conventional and alternative medicines and using the best combinations of both to bring healing to our patients.

Here at Shea Medical, we practice "patient-centered care". We are truly committed to both teaching and inspiring our patient's to reach their optimal health. We utilize only the finest treatments from around the world in order to ensure that our patients are successful.

At Shea Medical, we understand that chronic pain, cancer, and chronic diseases don't often strike at random and that each condition has its own unique cause. We understand the approach that is necessary to successfully fight these conditions and to help you achieve optimal health. Our experience and extensive testing and complete medical treatment plans are uniquely designed for each patient. We welcome you to call us or contact us with any questions you may have.

Shea medical is a group of medical professions dedicated to helping every patient get their health and life back on track. We are research-proven and evidence based with one ultimate goal of healing our patients.

Shea Medical provides treatments for cancer, chronic pain, auto-immune disease, fibromyalgia, Lupus, Chronic Lyme disease, chronic infections, Heart disease to include environmental medicine, family practice, allergies, and preventive health programs. We want wish you optimal health!